For every order, we plant 2 trees on behalf of each customer. Once the donation has been made, you will receive an email, (either ad-hoc or at the end of the month).


Have you already placed an order at Chiaro Jewelry?

Once you have placed an order at Chiaro Jewelry, we will include you in our list of monthly donations to Project GreenHands. Therefore you might need to wait until the month shift before you will receive the email where you will be able to track your tree.

Once we have made the donation on your behalf, you will receive an email with a certificate of the two tree samplings that were planted because of you 🌱🌱 

If you have not received your certificate, or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project GreenHands

We are donating directly to Project GreenHands which has been set up by Isha Foundation in India.

Project GreenHands
is a large project created to stop desertification in India.

A sad truth is that India's once lush jungles and forests are currently turning into deserts. This in turn dries out the rivers, and if we don't act NOW, it will be impossible to live sustainably in India in the future.

Their goal is to plant a 1 km tree cover on both sides of the largest rivers running through India. Project GreenHands is especially working with farmers who will do this by planting fruit trees along the rivers. In this way, the farmers get better paid and the earth will retain its moisture and restore the ecosystem.

Forests turning into deserts is not only a large problem in India, it is happening all over the world.

The good news is that it is possible to reverse this dangerous development. If we all contribute a little bit, it is amazing how much change we can make together.

Learn more about Project GreenHands here.